Today it’s hard to get into a profession without any… or lots of, hands on experience. It was only last year that I discovered I wanted to go into Speech and Language Therapy, but I quickly realised I needed at least a year of experience before I could possibly get a place on a MSc. This lead on a bit of an arduous journey discovering the opportunities available to linguistic students, which was much harder than it should have been.

Slowly in the last year I have come to understand that wealth of positions available and now I want to share my experiences, and the experiences of others, in a range of professions to give inspiration and encouragement to other Linguistic students.

The Linguistic Experience Project is a website where you can find ideas for placements and posts written by English and Linguistics students who have undertaken linguistic related work, voluntary experiences, or what they’ve done after graduating with a English and/or Linguistics degree. It is here where they describe what they are really like and the rewards and difficulties involved in each position.

If you have any experiences you would like to share, or if you’d simply like to get involved, please contact: clairefswaffield@gmail.com

Currently in affiliation with:

UWE Linguistics Society

The Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain

Listed on Linguist Log in their Linguistic Blogs

Lingo: Latest News and Views at UWE


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