Work Placement – Student Ambassador – UWE

Contributor: Amy

Where? UWE
What? Student Ambassador
Why did you choose this place? I am a student at UWE and wanted to make the most of opportunities that are only available whilst at university before it is too late.
How did you find the application process? Easy. I had to fill in an online application form stating previous relevant experience and why I wanted to be an ambassador. Then I attended a group interview and training.
What do you do here? I help at events that happen at the university. I have assisted at graduation ceremonies, school visits to campus and generally directing people around the university. I helped over Freshers’ week, guiding Freshers around the university.
The good things: Good pay, flexibility (you are emailed different jobs and have the options of applying for it, or not. This was really good around exam time, as I wasn’t required to do a minimum number of shifts so I could concentrate on my studies), meeting other student ambassadors, working with a variety of people (school and college students, lecturers and academics, university staff) which I believe has improved my confidence in communicating with different people.
The bad things: The only bad thing I can think of is that getting shifts can sometimes be competitive as there are over 200 ambassadors at the university competing for the same jobs. However because I have never missed a shift, been late or haven’t pulled my weight, I am often chosen for the roles I apply for.
Anything else we should know: I would definitely recommend being a student ambassador!


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