Volunteering – Creating ‘ELL Soc’ (University of Kent)

Contributor: Robyn

Which Society? ELL Soc – University of Kent

Why did you start the society? After being course rep (English Language and Linguistics) for two years, myself and a friend decided to set up a society to make contacting students much easier, and to create a social group alongside the course, and to bring together others who were interested in linguistics. We also saw that other universities had linguistic societies, and thought it was something worth getting involved in. We came up with ‘ELL SOC’ (English Language and Linguistic Society). After lots of form filling and a few months later, ELL SOC became ratified, and we recruited a committee.

What was your position?I became treasurer, which required me to organize finances for the year and persuade people to part with £3 membership!

The good thing about setting up and being involved with the society are that you get the chance to meet people who you wouldn’t have met otherwise, through socials and events. The bad things about it, are the formality and forms that can’t be avoided when setting up any society. Being involved with societies is a great way to meet new people, especially ones who have the same interests as you .


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