Volunteering – Secretary – UWE Linguistic Society

Contributor: Antonia
Which Society? UWE Linguistics Society
Why did you get involved? I got involved because the position of secretary was free and I felt like I could have some fun taking on this opportunity and also get some experience. And I was right about that 🙂
What was your position? Secretary
What are your duties? Mostly COMMUNICATION – Inbox – sorting out what is (not) relevant for us (lots of spam); ensuring smooth communication among all committee members and also the Society’s members; organizing meetings – booking the rooms etc. – and the AGM; putting together all the documents for the SU
What has been your greatest achievement? The AGM was quite hard to organize… afterwards all the documents had to be filled out correctly and sent back to the SU in about a week’s time – so I am glad it all went well and we were able to elect a new committee for the next academic year 🙂
The good things: Being a member of the committee gave me so much experience! It gave me lots of insight into how the SU works and how it co-operates with the university itself. Also I had to opportunity to see how to run a student-organizes conference, invite your members to a trip and organize it. It taught me a big deal of tolerance towards others!
The bad things: When you are busy with your uni work and you are supposed to fulfil your secretary duties at the same time, it can be a bit stressful… Also my job is to make sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do – and on time – so basically I have to hassle people about deadlines etc. which is not a very nice thing to do…
Anything else you’d like to say?: I am really grateful that other members voted for me so that I can make a most of this! If I was just a regular member, I could never get so much insight into how the British student union is run…  I will take all that experience and memories back with me to the Czech Republic and I think I will try to make people more involved there and create something similar as what we’ve had in Bristol 🙂

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