Volunteering – South Somerset First School – Teaching Assistant

Contributor: Claire

Where? First School in South Somerset

What? Working in classes ranging from Foundation year up to year 4.

Why did you choose this place? Interested in Education but didn’t really want to be a teacher.
How long for? 2 days a week, for two months.

How did you find the application process? Easy, it was my First School, I knew some of the teachers there, and my mum had worked there. I just asked if I could come and do some experience and they said yes!

What do you do here? I worked in each class, predominantly the year three and four class, in a teaching assistant role. The teacher would place me with groups, or an individual and I would aid them with their work. Additionally there was the occasional photocopying and running around, but generally was working with the children. I also took on a stewarding role during sports day too.

The good things: Personally I love working with children, which was great. They also knew I was heading towards speech and language so they showed me some resources they used when recommending students, placed me which students who had difficulties, and even let me sit in on a speech and language appointment.

The bad things: Sometimes it was a bit drastic working with the year threes and fours, and then moving to foundation year.  I also wish I had worked with foundation a little more, as I spent maybe one day in total with them. Knew I didn’t want to be a teacher.

Anything else we should know? It really made me want to be a teaching assistant! Or maybe a SEN, but then I would have to go through the teacher education process.


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