Work Placement – Research Assistant

Contributor: Stacey
Where? The Full English, Clifton, Bristol
What? Research Assistant for English language academics
Why did you choose this place? The activities of the company suited my skills and interests
How did you find the application process? Very straight forward: sent in my CV and cover letter after coming across an ad for the job position on my university’s job mailing list. Was invited for interview and then offered the position.
What do you do here? I mainly prepare research documents for projects relating to English academia. This includes: data entry in spreadsheets and databases; sourcing project data, books and journal articles; maintaining records; preparing bibliographies, indexes and references; developing online questionnaires; proofreading research papers and articles; writing copy for marketing materials and setting up online booking systems.
The good things: My employers are fantastic – they are incredibly flexible in terms of working your hours around uni life, they are interested in helping young people and therefore they constantly look for opportunities to help guide you in your future career path and they have a unilateral managerial approach meaning that they ask for your input when considering how to improve the company or run things better. The fact that it’s a micro company means that you’re given a lot of responsibility and gain a great deal of experience.
The bad things: Some tasks can be a little dull but then again the good working environment makes up for it. No full time work prospects within the company itself.
Anything else we should know: This position really compliments your studies especially if you are studying subjects such as English/Linguistics/Languages/Journalism/Media etc.

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