Work Placement – English Language Assistant (France) – TESOL

Contributor: Stacey
Where? Lycee Louis Armand, Paris
What? English Language Assistant
Why did you choose this place? I needed to find work placements during my Erasmus year abroad in Paris and this seemed like a good opportunity.
How did you find the application process? Quite straight forward. My university promoted the placement to us and handed us the application forms. However, I am aware that you can apply through the British Council website online as well.
What do you do here? I planned and taught English lessons to college students aged from 15-25, including both one-to-one sessions and classes of up to 15. I had 12 hours of teaching a week.
The good things: Well paid – 800 euros a month for 12 hours a week (although you usually spend a couple of hours a week extra planning). The minimal hours mean that you have extra time to explore the country that you are living in. It’s also good to have on your CV that you have worked for the British Council. You can be sent as far as Latin America and Canada if you want to. You do not need a TEFL qualification.
The bad things: Kids and teenagers can be difficult to work with! Having said that you are not there to discipline so you can always get a teacher if you are having problems. Some teachers will just want to use you to ‘get rid’ of some of their pupils for a while so may lump you with half their class without much guidance. You have to cover transport costs to and from the country you are working in.
Anything else we should know: You don’t have to be student or on Erasmus to get this role – graduates can apply too. In fact, some countries are only open to graduates.

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